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Tape-in Hair Extensions Service

Only $395



Shampoo blow-dry on your natural hair


Cut to any custom length


Based on individual head shape


Add as many as you like – see below


Shear shaping for a seamless look


Loose waves or straight style
Before After before tape in hair extensionsafter tape in hair extensions

Extensions FAQ's

Are you wondering why the cost is so low? That’s easy! Salon Delgado owns their own luxury line of Virgin Remy Tape in Hair Extensions – check them out at or on social media by searching for @SDXHair on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Shop App.
Absolutely! Please, take advantage of our manufacturer-direct pricing, shop online, and have it installed where ever you like – No Hard feelings!!

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Tape-in Hair Extensions are wearable for 6-8 weeks with proper care and maintenance. Click below:

Care & Maintenance

We designed our extension service for a full head installation on an average size head with an average amount of natural hair. But, if you feel like you would like additional hair, (or if your specific desired result requires additional hair), we are happy to provide additional extensions at a discount.

*Adding extensions is quick and extremely affordable so that you can have exactly what you want! We are happy to offer additional extensions to you for only $20 each during your new installation appointment.

Tape-in Hair Extensions are currently the beauty industries leading form of no-damage extension because the installation method does not over-direct your natural hair, which causes damage. All other methods of extensions over direct your natural hair leading to damage where the extensions are installed.

Our tape-in hair extensions are collected from 100% natural virgin-remy human hair donors. The salon is stocked with over 65 handmade shades so you have endless possibilities to transform your hair dreams into reality instantly.

All of our tape-in hair extensions are handmade 20″ and can be cut to any desired length for the same extremely affordable price. Because our extensions are handmade, lengths can vary slightly from batch to batch.

Tape-In Hair Extensions were conceptualized over 20 years ago. Not only our brand but all brands using Tape-In Hair extension install methods were designed for naturally straight, wavy, or curly hair with mild to medium texture. They can also be applied to extremely textured, curly, coarse, or thick/unruly hair with the understanding that when the natural hair becomes wet, and the cuticle swells, this can lead to the tape dislodging leading to slippage. Keeping that in mind, we recommend the service be performed on the ideal candidate who can perform the required care and maintenance regularly. Salon Delgado, Inc. offers natural hair preparation with a shampoo blow-dry to the natural cuticle. If additional ironwork is required to smooth the cuticle for proper installation, additional fees will be applied. Please see our services menu for cost.

Your natural hair must be at least 8-10 inches on the top layer to allow for seamless blending of the tape-in hair extensions.  The final length of the tape-in hair extensions is determined by the stylists’ professional discretion on the overall look of the finished style.  Because we understand how important it is for most of our clients to achieve their hair goals, we are dedicated to discussing all aspects of the extension service with our clients.


Our hair can be reused for as long as you are able to properly care for and maintain the extensions. However, keep in mind that when you blend natural hair into extension hair, a custom shape is created specifically for the position and placement of the extensions. When you remove and reinstall (move up) the same old hair extensions, the custom shape is about 2-2.5 inches off. To create that seamless effect again, the extensions must be reblended resulting in a significant loss of volume and length – at our Salon, we don’t perform move-up services for the simple fact that we do not agree with or see value in charging our clients for thinner, shorter, used hair when we can install new hair every time for virtually the same cost we charged for move-up services.


Salon Delgado, Inc., recommends removing your extensions every 6-8 weeks for proper care. At our salon, we only charge $50 to professionally remove our brand of tape-in hair extensions. This service is performed using the highest quality, damage-free remover solution. A typical removal service at Salon Delgado takes approx 5-10 minutes and leaves behind no sticky residue allowing you to go about your day without the “gunk”.


Because our handmade hair extensions are sourced from 100% natural human remy hair and comprised of multiple donors, lengths vary slightly from one batch to the next. Length is determined based on average batch manufacturing some being slightly shorter, while others slightly longer. If you have any additional questions, please speak to your salon professional directly.


Not all salon services are created equal, and not every head of hair is the same, that said; Prices are subject to change at your stylist’s discretion. Every effort is made to discuss reasonable expectations from both the stylist and client prior to each service. The need for a proper care routine is always discussed at the time of service by our salon professionals. Maintaining your salon service (including hair extensions) at home is essential to the integrity of your hair. Salon Delgado, Inc. retails all the necessary tools and products to maintain your salon service. Hair Extension services are provided by licensed professionals in-salon and wearers will assume all risks involved with properly caring for and maintaining their extension service outside of the salon. As a reminder, virtual consultations by text, email or DM are always free of charge.