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Tape-in Hair Extensions Overview

Keep in mind that hair extensions are an extension of your natural hair and are not as sturdy as the hair that grows out from your scalp.  Special attention should be paid while maintaining your extensions.

With proper care and maintenance, you may enjoy up to 8 weeks of damage-free wearable extensions. Keep reading to learn more about caring for your new extensions. Click here to read more about our inclusive hair extension service.


  • Regularly brush through your hair and the extensions using an extension-specific boar brush to keep the hair flowing freely. Make sure you are brushing straight down from where your hair grows naturally the extensions were installed. Make use of long downward strokes paying close attention that the brush glides over the tape and the bristles touch your scalp.
  • Shampoo your extensions regularly. At least every 2-3 days. Pay special attention to getting in between the rows of tabs and cleansing the scalp area completely.
  • Generously condition your extensions – avoiding the scalp/tab area completely. We recommend a hydrating conditioner at all times.
  • Always use extensions safe products that do not contain: Sulfates, Keratins, Silicones, and Parabens. No Olaplex or bond-building products of any kind. Avoid dry shampoo completely.
  • Squeeze moisture from your hair with a dry towel, do not wrap up your extensions in a towel after washing.
  • Apply only the salon-recommended styling products and gently brush through.
  • Dry your hair using a blow dryer until 70-80% dry.
  • Section off your extensions horizontally and blow-dry smooth with a natural boar brush.
  • If heat styling, set the temperature at or under 350 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid excessive heat. Always use a heat protector.
  • A light braid, that includes as much of your natural hair as possible should be worn while sleeping. A double-bound braid should be worn while exercising, swimming, or doing any activities alike.
  • Chlorine and salt water will dry out your extensions, in the same manner, that it dries out your natural hair and should be avoided when possible. A double bound braid is recommended and should be worn until fresh water, shampoo, and conditioner are available.
  • Loose beachy curls, light braids, and utilizing the natural wave pattern are the preferred methods of styling.
  • Avoid overspray or hands moistened from sunscreen on your hair extensions.
  • Avoid any style that would cause the tape tab to be over-directed or pulled away from the natural growth pattern like updos, high ponytails, and french braids.
  • Do not attempt to color your hair extensions.  SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions come in a large variety of shades and have already been pre-colored to match seamlessly with your natural hair.

Washing and Conditioning your Tape-in Hair Extensions:

Tape-In Hair Extensions are shampooed every 2-3 days using the pads of your fingers in an interlocking motion between the extension tabs.   Avoid oil-infused shampoos to avoid slippage. We recommend using the entire pad of your finger from tip to base, avoiding any scratching motions. Apply additional shampoo as needed throughout the mid-shafts and ends, squeezing the extensions, not rubbing them together.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Conditioner can be applied to the mid-shaft and ends.  Do not apply conditioner to the tape tabs.  This will help to avoid slippage.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Repeat as needed. Salon Delgado recommends and retails Kevin Murphy Hair Products that are completely extension-safe. Click here to read more about our hair extension service.

Conditioning Masques / Bond Builders:

Conditioning Masques and deep treatments can be used only if applied two inches away from the tape tab.  “Bond Builders”, “End Menders’, “Fiber Wraps”, or any “Keratin” product alike should not be used on SDX. Tape-In Hair Extensions.  These products leave a gummy residual buildup that causes damage to the extension hair. Do not use any product that is not specifically hair extensions safe. Click here to read more about our hair extension service.

Re-Using / Move-Up’s Maintenance:

Our Tape-In Hair Extensions are priced so affordable that we install new hair at every appointment! Forget reusing the same old hair, when you can enjoy new hair every single time for virtually the same price as removing and replacing the old stuff! This is just another example of how our services elevate above the rest.  Salon Delgado’s Tape-in Hair Extensions are collected from 100% Remy Human Hair Donors. Click here to read more about our hair extension service.


Similar to hair color and other salon chemicals, we always recommend doing a patch test with any new product including Salon Delgado’s tape-in hair extensions (tape tabs, hair, remover spray).  Although hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesives are used, it is always best to perform patch tests.  Please request a patch test from your stylists.  Patch tests are done upon request only.


The patch test is used to ensure the user of any product does not have a negative reaction to a particular tape or adhesive.  Patch tests are done upon request.  If you think you may have an allergy to our hypoallergenic adhesive, we will be happy to perform a patch test for you.  Please book a consultation for this service prior to the extension installation appointment.

  1. Place a small amount of adhesive/tape on an area of sensitive skin.
  2. Put a band-aid over the adhesive/tape and let it sit overnight.
  3. Remove the band-aid the following day (at least 24 hours) and check for any reaction.

If there is any redness or irritation, do not use the product.  Also, check to make sure the bond didn’t release from the skin.  If no irritation occurs and the bond is secure, you can use the product with confidence.


Tape-in Hair Extensions last 6-8 weeks with a proper care and maintenance routine.

Yes, you can reuse your tape-in hair extensions for as long as you are able to maintain them in good condition. However, Salon Delgado, Inc. does not re-use the same old hair and we do not offer “move-up” services. At Salon Delgado, we remove the old hair and re-install new hair at every appointment. Why do we do this? That’s simple! We offer such an affordable price, that you can get new hair at every installation for virtually the same price other salons charge for move-up services. And who doesn’t want new hair – Duh? Not only do you get new hair, but you have the opportunity to keep the same color or change color or length all for the same affordable price. It’s like getting a new car every 6-8 weeks!!

Tape-in Hair Extensions can be washed and conditioned. The conditioner cannot be placed directly on the tab. Conditioner applied above the tabs should be rinsed quickly and thoroughly to avoid it getting caught on the tabs while it is sliding down your scalp during the rinsing process. Conditioner should be applied liberally from the mid-shafts through the ends. Always make sure to brush through your hair using a natural boar bristle brush prior to entering the shower. Make sure to use extension-safe hair car products at all times.

Absolutely we can! So seamlessly, you yourself will be amazed! We have countless shades available for custom seamless blending. Take a peek at our tape-in hair extension services and see how many colors you may need to get the perfect blend.

Yes, you can use hot tools (curling irons, wands, flat irons, and blow dryers) using a salon-recommended heat protectant on wet hair and each section prior to applying heat. The temperature of your hot tool should be set to no hotter than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat cannot be applied directly to the tab.

Yes, all of our tape-in hair extensions are handcrafted with 100% natural Virgin Remy Human Hair. We do not use any synthetic or animal hair blends.

Hair extensions should not be over-directed in any manner. Tape-In Hair Extensions are not recommended for wear in high ponytails. Low ponytails and loose braids are the recommended methods of binding the hair.

No. We recommend the hair be completely dry and bound in a loose, low braid. For optimal results, only sleep with completely dry, smooth hair.

Yes, you can swim with Tape-in Hair Extensions. Freshwater is recommended. Chlorinated water and salt water will cause your tape-in hair extensions to dry out, fade color, and tangle in the same manner as your natural hair would. Lake and ocean water contain tiny micro-organisms that breed bacteria while chlorinated water can cause damage to your tape-in hair extensions. If these conditions can not be avoided, thoroughly rinse your hair extensions with fresh water immediately after exposure and apply a generous amount of a remoisturizing, salon-recommended conditioner to the extensions to combat the exposure.

Tape-in Hair Extensions have a natural body wave to them. If you allow them to dry naturally, they will look like a “day at the beach” and have a rough appearance just as if you have been exposed to natural sea salt air. If you prefer your extensions to have a smooth appearance, you will need to blow dry them out smoothly, using salon-recommended products and a natural boar bristle brush.

Slippage can occur while wearing tape-in hair extensions for multiple reasons. If your tape-in hair extensions are slipping for any reason, you need to contact the salon to have that tab removed and replaced to maintain the integrity of your natural hair.

  • Conditioner seeped in between the tab, causing it to lose its tackiness and slide down the hair shaft.
  • An oil-infused shampoo was used.
  • Excessive heat was applied to the tab causing the tape to lose its tackiness and slide down the hair shaft.
  • The tape-in hair extension tab was over-directed (meaning it was pulled in a direction not flowing with how the hair grows out naturally from your scalp). This can occur during the styling process, brushing, and binding.

If you are experiencing your natural hair being ripped out by your tape-in hair extensions, you need to contact the salon immediately. This is not normal and should be addressed immediately. Here are some of the reasons this can occur.

  • Conditioner seeped in between the tab, causing it to lose its tackiness and slide down the hair shaft.
  • Then the tab was over-directed during styling or brushing and began to pull hair from the root.
  • An oil-infused shampoo was used leading to slippage and an imbalance of the tab during brushing or showering causing ripping or tearing.
  • Excessive heat was applied to the tab causing the tape to lose its tackiness and slide down the hair shaft. Then The tab was over-directed during styling or brushing and began to pull hair from the root.
  • The tape-in hair extension tab was over-directed (meaning it was pulled in a direction not flowing with how the hair grows out naturally from your scalp). This can occur during the styling process, brushing, and binding.
  • The Tape Tabs were over-directed from tight ponytails, high ponytails, or top knot styles. Excessive over-directing of the tab is not conducive to the proper The tab was over-directed during styling or brushing and began to pull hair from the root.
  • Care and Maintenance routine recommended and required for successful damage-free wear.

Salon Delgado, Inc. Professionals possess the necessary education and skills to change the tonal direction on your tape-in hair extensions. We do not recommend coloring your hair extensions at home for any reason. Salon Delgado’s luxury line of tape-in hair extensions is available in a variety of shades, which have all been handcrafted to match seamlessly with almost any color palette. We would always recommend choosing from our countless shade combinations to match extensions to your natural hair instead of coloring the extensions.


  • DO wait for 24-48 hours before washing or wetting your hair for the first time to get acquainted with the placement.
  • DO use a soft, natural boar bristle brush; starting at the ends and working your way up, always brushing in a downward motion. Brush before shampooing or styling.
  • DO use a salon-recommended leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends, avoiding the tape tabs.
  • DO use a salon-recommended heat protector prior to ironing or curling your hair.
  • DO wear your hair in a low, loosely braided ponytail (include as much of your natural hair as possible) while swimming, exercising or sleeping.
  • DO wash your hair regularly
  • DO have a licensed salon professional remove and reinstall your extensions.
  • DO see a licensed salon professional if you experience any slipping or have any questions concerning your tape-in hair extensions.


  • DON‘T use any products containing harmful alcohol. Alcohol-based products are drying to the hair and can compromise the strength of the adhesive bond.
  • DON’T use Keratins, Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens.
  • DON’T use Olaplex, Fibreplex or any bonding aid products that claim to be “reconstructing”
  • DON’T use any “miracle repair” product that could be hiding binding agents or keratins
  • DON’T use Dry Shampoo
  • DON‘T brush hair harshly or in any direction other than how the hair grows out naturally from your scalp.
  • DON‘T go to bed with your hair wet.
  • DON‘T attempt to color your extensions.
  • DON‘T attempt to remove your extensions yourself.
  • DON‘T use hot tools set higher than 350°F.
  • DON‘T apply conditioner directly to the tabs.
  • DON‘T wear a high ponytail, “top-knot” or any styles that cause tabs to be lifted or over-directed in any manner.
  • DON’T wear hats, especially during warmer months.  This could lead to slipping and damage.
  • DON’T overextend the time between washes
  • DON’T overexpose your extensions to highly chlorinated water, lake or ocean water.  Freshwater is always recommended to keep the color from fading and not to trap micro-organisms from mother nature.
  • DON’T use oil-infused shampoos or products on the scalp.